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Ralph Weber Expert in swissinfo.ch-Report on China's Exertion of Influence in Switzerland

Tibetan Flags in Zurich

Image: Solidarity protest of the Society of Swiss-Tibetan Friendship in Zurich in 2010, by Roland zh (Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0).

In an article titled “Beijing’s Long Arm Reaches Into Small Swiss Villages,” swissinfo.ch reports about the canton Vaud’s obedience to China’s orders not to fly Tibetan flags on the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupiers in 1959. Ralph Weber contextualizes this exertion of influence and warns that Swiss politicians are underestimating Chinese soft and sharp power strategies abroad.

Ralph Weber is Associate Professor of European Global Studies at the Institute for European Global Studies. He specializes in Political Theory, Chinese Politics, and modern Confucianism. Currently, he is the President of the European Association for Chinese Philosophy and the Chair of the Section on Political Theory in the Swiss Political Science Association.

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