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Talk by Xiaoqing Diana Lin on Modern Chinese Philosopher Feng Youlan

Xiaoqing Diana

On November 22, 2019, Xiaoqing Diana Lin gave a talk at the Institute for European Global Studies entitled “From Metaphysics to Dialectical Materialism: Feng Youlan and Chinese Communism.”

The talk was presented in the framework of the SNSF-funded research project on “The Exterior of Philosophy: On the Practice of New Confucianism.” Xiaoqing Diana provided an account of Feng’s gradual integration of Marxist analytical tools in his account of the history of Chinese philosophy.

Xiaoqing Diana Lin is a Professor of History at Indiana University Northwest. Her main interests are situated in the fields of modern Chinese institutional and intellectual histories. Her monographs include “Peking University: Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898-1937” (SUNY Press) and “Feng Youlan and Twentieth Century China: An Intellectual Biography” (Brill).

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