Sebastian Meyer, LL.M.
Assistant European Law
Institute for European Global Studies,
University of Basel
Riehenstrasse 154
CH-4058 Basel
Office 01.003

Tel: +41 (0)61 207 48 62

EU institutional law, in particular:

  • law-making and its impact on implementation and enforcement
  • constitutional foundations
  • law and politics of European integration

It is studied how EU institutional law affects the following substantive policy areas (and vice versa):

  • EU migration and asylum policy
  • Economic and Monetary Union
  • EU environmental policy

Working title: Law and governance in EU migration management

This project investigates the European Union’s “comprehensive approach” to asylum and migration policy after the outbreak of the refugee crisis. Following the unprecedented inflow of migrants, the EU has matched the external dimension – border protection and cooperation with third countries – with a growing concern for the internal dimension, referring in particular to legislative reforms and the appropriate balance between solidarity and responsibility.

Rather than a single entity, the EU has become increasingly divided over the implementation of the comprehensive approach. While acknowledging the need to cooperate on the European level, Member States are also driven by domestic interests in view of the increasing politicisation of immigration. Certain Member States focus on border protection, others insist on fair burden-sharing. Hence, various legal and political contexts (spheres of governance) have emerged that need to be reconciled with one another. 

The research analyses how Member States move between the various spheres of governance. More specifically, it maps the instruments of the comprehensive approach and analyses their interaction. The question arises whether the increasing use of informal, flexible arrangements challenges the role of law in EU migration management. As a next step, the thesis evaluates to what extent the informal sphere of Member States should be integrated into the EU legal order, considering possible tensions between the rule of law and the legitimacy of law- and policy-making.

Since September 2016: Assistant in European Law at the Institute for European Global Studies, Basel University

February 2015 – March 2016: European Law, Leiden University (Netherlands)

  • Degree obtained: Master of Laws (cum laude)
  • Master thesis: The implications of new governance for the effectiveness of the Water Framework Directive

September 2011 – January 2015: European Law School (English track), Maastricht University (Netherlands)

  • Degree obtained: Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor thesis: The protective norms in German and Dutch administrative law in light of EU environmental law and the Aarhus Convention

Sebastian Meyer, ‘Frans Timmermans: Solidarität aus der Mitte der Gesellschaft’ [Book review], Newsletter of the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel, No. 116, June 2017, p. 7

Sebastian Meyer, ‘Is Switzerland not just any third country? EU unilateralism in the face of the linkage agreement on emissions trading’, Swiss Review of International and European Law, 1/2018, pp. 1-22

  •  EU Association Law (Exercise Session)
  • European law in depth: Equality and non-discrimination as applied in various fields of EU law (Exercise Session)
  • European Law Moot Court: General Part
  • European Law Moot Court: Discussion and Submission of Written Pleadings
  • Introduction to the bilateral economic law Switzerland-EU (Parts on EU internal market law)