About the Institute

The Institute for European Global Studies is a research institution subordinated to the rector's office at the University of Basel. As an interdisciplinary institution, it combines research and teaching in an area that was defined as one of the university's strategic foci for the upcoming performance periods. The Institute for European Global Studies continues the established tradition of approaching the processes of European integration in teaching and research and offers specialized study programmes, further education courses as well as other services in this area.

Research on Europe in a Global Context

As a research institution, the Institute for European Global Studies profits from the well established and rich tradition of research on Europe at the University of Basel. The institute wants to establish globally oriented research on Europe through its interconnected research areas, which are based in the fields of law, economics and society and history. The institute's research approach will be multidisciplinary and methodologically diverse in order to cross the borders of established disciplines and to initiate and support fundamental research. Special attention will be paid to the processes of Europe’s transcultural interconnectedness with Africa and Asia. This orientation allows an extension of normative and geopolitical considerations to analyse dynamic relation patterns, where the connections of different concepts and social practices will be examined.

A Place for Scientific Debates

The Institute for European Global Studies is a place where researchers of different qualification levels can scientifically approach the question of what an adequate orientation of the social sciences in this global 21st century might look like. Four professorships in the areas law, economics, political science and history ensure continuity and sustainability for the implementation of new results in research and teaching. Special attention is paid to the support of young scholars. The institute offers a modern research infrastructure and support for projects that comply with the initiatives of the European "open space for knowledge". A doctoral programme, which is currently being developed, combines interdisciplinary support with possibilities of international participation. Additionally, the new programme supports the connection between research and teaching within the framework of "Collaborative Research".