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Christa Tobler Speaks About EU Anti-Discrimination Law at the University of Vienna


On April 19, 2018, the University of Vienna organized an international conference on the topic of equality bodies. The reason for this was threefold: 1) The fact that EU law has required the establishment of such offices for 15 years, 2) the further fact that there has already been an equal treatment attorney in Austria for 27 years, and finally 3) the fact that the first head of this office, Dr. Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, is retiring this spring. The conference therefore also celebrated her many years of work and commitment. Christa Tobler presented a talk about “Sex Discrimination – A Starting Point for Anti-Discrimination Law.”

Christa Tobler is Professor of European Law at the Institute for European Global Studies. Her research interests include the legal relations between Switzerland and the European Union as well as issues of equality before the law and discriminations.