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Continuing Education: CAS "Shaping Europe"

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The Institute for European Global Studies offers a course on European and Global Governance from October 10 to 22. The CAS "Shaping Europe" will cover issues such as economic integration, migration and security policy. Application deadline: September 11, 2016.

The CAS course "Shaping Europe. Legal, Economic and Political Factors" is offered as a two-week intensive program. Topics include European integration and disintegration, migration, the EU and its state of democracy as well as the common European foreign and security policy. The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with a series of fundamental but unresolved issues of European and global governance. Whether and how these issues will be resolved is likely to determine the shape of Europe in the near future. In this course, we will combine recent research with insights from analysts operating close to the centres of action. An intensive simulation of negotiation processes in the EU will further help participants gain an insider view of the practical challenges for reaching solutions to these European problems.

The Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel is a Swiss institute analyzing the development of Europe from a global perspective. We offer holistic research and teaching on all the contemporary and historical issues of Europe and the European community.

This comprehensive continuing education program for professionals is designed for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Europe from an interdisciplinary point of view. The CAS courses are taught by University professors and leading experts in politics, law and economy. Participants of the Institute's programmes prepare for a future in European Politics, Law or Economics by experiencing the exceptionally strong in-house research environment and small learning groups from 13-18 people. They also benefit from the Institute's extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world.

Place: Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland
: October 10-22, 2016
Tuition Fee
: CHF 5'900.-
Application Deadline: September 11, 2016
Admission Criteria: Diploma of higher education (BA or equivalent), good English
Academic Director: Prof. Dr. Ralph Weber
Study Coordinator: Laura Elias
Contact: europa@unibas.ch

For qualified applicants who cannot afford the tuition fee, we offer grants of 3.000 CHF. For information about the required documents, please take a look at the grants application form.

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