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E-Journal "Global Europe" on Understanding China

Cover Picture: Marc Eggimann Fotografie www.marceggimann.ch, with the support of Port of Switzerland

The understanding of China in European Global Studies, Chinese Studies and Sinology is the focus of Prof. Dr. Ralph Weber’s latest publication. The article has been published in the e-journal "Global Europe - Basel Papers on Europe in a Global Perspective".

In this paper, Ralph Weber reflects on an appropriate relational understanding of "China" that departs from but avoids the impasses of area studies and that might provide a sound basis for a future Sinology. He first presents some recent developments in European studies, in which "China" too (and with it Sinology and Chinese studies) assumes an important, even a constitutive role. A particular focus lies on his own university’s new program in European Global Studies. If this endeavor is to succeed, it is crucial, he claims, to avoid some longstanding and misguided uses of "China" and other notions as mere fictions of Europe's Other.

Ralph Weber is Assistant Professor at the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel, Switzerland. His research specialization is in comparative and political philosophy, Confucianism, Chinese politics, and methodological and conceptual aspects of translinguistic and transcultural research. Among his recent publications is a co-edited volume on Comparative Philosophy without Borders (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015).

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