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New Issue of the E-Journal «Global Europe»

Global Europe

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“A Discussion on ‘European Global Studies’” is the title of the latest issue of the E-Journal “Global Europe.” It contains an edited transcript of a conversation among five scholars working at the Institute. Their debate explores different views and seeks to flesh out the aims of European Global Studies as a field of research.

Responding to transformations often described by the shorthand expression “globalization,” the Europainstitut changed its English name in 2013 to Institute for European Global Studies. Five years later, members of the Institute came together to discuss their different views and assess the aims of European Global Studies. Among the points touched upon are the importance of different disciplinary backgrounds in this endeavor, the question of interdisciplinarity and/or transdisciplinarity, as well as the perceived challenges and promises with regard to the future of European Global Studies.

The latest issue of the E-Journal «Global Europe» contains a transcript of parts of this discussion, edited and framed with introductory paragraphs in order to increase readability and facilitate comprehension. The purpose of publishing this discussion on European Global Studies is to clarify the current agenda of the Institute, to showcase the plurality of approaches pursued under its roof, and also to outline its innovative potential for the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the 21st century.

The scholars who participated in this discussion are Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Cornelia Knab, Teresa Pullano, Christa Tobler, and Ralph Weber.

Madeleine Herren-Oesch is professor for global and transnational history at the University of Basel and director of the Institute for European Global Studies. Her research focus lies in the history of international organizations and in transdisciplinary approaches towards history. Currently, she is conducting a research project on A Global History of Swiss Diplomacy, 1848-1975.

Cornelia Knab is research associate and scientific manager of the Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel. Her research focuses on European and Global History, history of international organizations, history of epidemics, and on interdisciplinary approaches between history and veterinary medicine.

Teresa Pullano is assistant professor for European Global Studies at the University of Basel. Her present research focuses on interpretations of the European Union as a process of statehood and territorial restructuring at the continental level. She also teaches interdisciplinary courses including political sciences, political theory, and law. She has an ongoing project called Africanizing Europe.

Christa Tobler is professor for law at the Institute for European Global Studies in Basel and at the University of Leiden. Her main research topics are EU-Law with emphasis in bilateral law, economic law, and social law. Christa Tobler is co-author of Essential EU Law in Charts. Furthermore, she was consulted by the House of Lords (upper chamber of the UK Parliament) regarding Brexit and is regularly interviewed by newspapers and TV stations as a specialist in bilateral law between Switzerland and the EU.

Ralph Weber is assistant professor for European Global Studies and academic director for the master’s degree in European Global Studies at the University of Basel. His main research interest are the philosophy and politics of European Global knowledge production as well as comparative and Chinese philosophy. Currently he is conducting several research projects, the newest being The Exterior of Philosophy: On the Practice of New Confucianism and European Studies in a Global Perspective.

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