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New Issue of the Newsletters

The latest issue of the newsletter is available. The newsletter reports about a new research project, current publications as well as past and upcoming events at the Institute. The newsletter regularly provides information about recent developments at the Institute for European Global Studies and reflects on Europe from a global perspective.

The 108th issue of the newsletter is introduced by an editorial by Prof. Christa Tobler, where she writes about a recent visit to Riga. This is followed by reports on the inaugural lecture by Prof. Ralph Weber and a workshop on the topic “Digital Humanities”. In addition to that, the newsletter briefly introduces two new SNSF-projects the Institute is currently working on: Matthäus Feigk and Daniela Hettstedt, two new researchers at the Institute, currently examine the Basel Mission and the international administration of the city of Tangier. Another new researcher is introduced, too: Shrey Kapoor has joined the Institute’s team as assistant of Prof. Ralph Weber. Last but not least, the newsletter provides a preview of upcoming events.

The newsletter is published by the Institute for European Global Studies. It is edited in a cooperation between the members of the institute and the Friends and Alumni Association. Every year, four to six issues are published on the website of the Institute for European Global Studies. In addition, the newsletter is distributed via e-mail. To subscribe to the newsletter, kindly send a message to europa@unibas.ch.

All previous issues are available in the newsletter archive.