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PhD Project Lab – New Research in European Global Studies

PhD Project Lab at the Institute for European Global Studies

On 19 November 2021, doctoral students from the Institute of European Global Studies and the Near & Middle Eastern Studies presented their PhD projects in front of an interdisciplinary audience of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and professors.

The featured PhD projects covered topics from political authority in processes of liberal peace building, consensual democracy and nation building in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the fate of "Enemy Aliens" in Japanese-occupied China during World War Two and the state of European Studies in North African Countries.

After the PhD Project Lab, PhD students enrolled in the Graduate Program European Global Studies presented their research projects with posters in the context of the doctoral course New Research in European Global Studies.

The event brought together researchers of the research areas Global History of Europe and European Global Knowledge Production as well as PhD students from other departments of the University of Basel and the University of Bonn. In total, 24 researchers of all career stages participated in this event.

The PhD Project Lab is part of an increasing number of Katekisama Courses, offered by the University of Bonn and the University of Basel, which are open to participants from both universities and which provide a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary exchange by using innovative elements of blended mobility in the context of the Katekisama Program.

The event was organized by Madeleine Herren and Ralph Weber, the principle investigators of the respective research areas.

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