A Word of Welcome from the Rector of the University of Basel

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Andrea Schenker-Wicki, Rector of the University of Basel.

The Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel is a research institute under the direct authority of the Rectorate of the University of Basel. Following its recent reorientation, it is now one of the main contributors to the university's focal research area European and Global Studies. The cooperation between disciplines from three faculties has meant that an innovative platform has emerged, shaped by scholars looking to create synergies of interdisciplinary and international approaches with the aim of directing their focus towards Europe’s interconnectedness with the rest of the world.

European Global Studies prepares students to use an innovative and analytical approach to deal with the issues of the future. This approach benefits from historical depth and above all from its unique foothold in the region. The European colloquia offered by the institute are aimed at an interested, public audience; Master students can benefit from internships at the region’s numerous companies and organizations.  We familiarize our students with the job market as part of their course of studies and are proud to present our excellently qualified students to the world of work.

Since its founding in 1460, the University of Basel has been both an attractive magnet for scholars from around the world and a way to provide local students with the opportunity to take advantage of such encounters in their home country. Visiting Fellows expand the curriculum, strengthening the international perception of the university. As such, the Institute for European Global Studies contributes towards the implementation of our strategic goals.

European Global Studies represents a promising concept which uses the intellectual diversity of a venerable university to discuss global challenges in a European and Swiss context. As such, the institute really is an open house, a space for contemplation which highlights a central concern of this university – to remain both anchored in our region and attractive on a global level.

I am delighted to welcome you to this, our open house – as scholars, students and interested members of the public.

Andrea Schenker-Wicki
Rector of the University of Basel