Digital Resources

The Institute for European Global Studies has created multiple new digital resources in the course of its research programs and collaborations that are increasingly being made available to the global research community. Through its participation in the hasdai partnership with CERN, the Institute has pioneered the use of long-term preservation for social sciences and humanities applications, which was originally developed by and for the physical sciences community. As a result its outputs are now routinely filed as Zenodo deposits, openly accessible internationally, and its research workflows are automatically converted into Invenio corpora. This approach builds on existing large-scale technology investment, especially by the European Commission, the U.S. National Science Foundation, and major particle physics laboratories, and has established state-of-the-art and sustainable infrastructure for humanities corpora. 

The Institute's research activities focus on application of the latest annotation techniques – leading to annotation as 'primary research asset,' through its collaboration with Data Futures GmbH and the Preservation Techniques, Technologies and Policies group of the international Research Data Alliance (RDA). EIB's research workflows now routinely employ video annotation, multilingual image annotation and large-scale IIIF-based data extraction from historical text corpora.