Graduate Program: PhD European Global Studies

The Institute for European Global Studies, a leading institution for interdisciplinary research and teaching, hosts the Graduate Program in European Global Studies. Members profit from a highly inter- and transdisciplinary research environment and global platforms for multi-sited research, international course offerings, and scientific exchanges with visiting fellows from all around the world. Members of the Graduate Program have access to the structures and resources made available in the context of the Katekisama Program.

The realities of our globalized and interconnected world call for innovative research strategies. PhD candidates in European Global Studies develop new theoretical and methodological approaches (e.g. Digital Humanities) to study Europe in its manifold global connections. Currently, our PhD students do research on topics as varied as the ambivalent role of citizenship in Asia and Europe in the mid-20th century, the significance of big data between democracy and authoritarianism, and the sociology and politics of European Studies in the Arab World.

In this program, you learn how to operate across disciplines and receive special training to design and present your own cutting-edge dissertation project. Doctoral committees are tailor made for the individual projects to ensure that you have the right expertise guiding your research.

After successful completion of your doctoral studies, you continue your career in academia or work in national and international administration, business, and politics.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Graduate Students 2019

Members of the Graduate Program and the Faculty participating in the Program’s annual conference.

Research Colloquia

The professors of the Institute for European Global Studies regularly offer research colloquia. PhD students and PostDocs of other academic disciplines interested in attending can participate upon request (only with registration).

  • Colloquium PhD Project Lab (Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Prof. Dr. Ralph Weber). Information and registration: Dominique Biehl.
  • Research Colloquium European Global Studies: Current Debates in History & Politics (Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, Dr. Philippe Major):Information and registration:
  • Research Colloquium European Global Studies: Current Debates in Culture & Society (Prof. Dr. Susanna Burghartz, Prof. Dr. Ralph Weber):
  • Working Lunches: We regularly organize internal discussions about topics in current research projects with international fellows, MA and PhD students, as well as other members of the Institute. Information and registration: