Admission Guidelines

The admission guidelines are regulated by the Promotionsordnung (PhD regulations, in German) of the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences. A Master's degree or equivalent with an average grade of at least 5.0 (according to the Swiss grading system, 1 - 6) in a subject relevant to the PhD is required. A Master's degree in European Global Studies is particularly relevant. Also relevant are interdisciplinary or disciplinary degrees in law, economics, political science, sociology, communication and media studies, social and cultural anthropology or ethnology, history, philosophy or other degrees with a specialization in European or Global Studies.

Finding your First Supervisor

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD, you have to contact your supervisor first and agree with him or her on the topic of the PhD. You can only start your PhD once you have confirmation of his or her approval.


Prospective PhD candidates are invited to file their application with the Student Administration Office of the University of Basel. You will find more information on its website.