Abu GhrieqanahNoura Saleem AsleemThe Changing Landscape of European Studies in the MENAT Region: The Current State and Future Prospects
ChanYim FongExiled at Home! Writing Confucian Philosophy under Conditions of Censorship in the PRC (1949–1976)
CraigMatthewEnemy Aliens: Citizenship as a Privilege and a Source of Imprisonment
FutterChristianThe Divisive Power of Loyalty and Citizenship - The French Case
JouiniJulian Yvestbd
KammerFelixKonkurrierende Autoritäten. Eine Untersuchung des Autoritätsbegriffs in Politik und Recht bei der liberalen Friedensförderung
LindmanAlejandraThe Ethics of Art. A Way of Understanding Arts of Movement in the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
SoualhiImad EddineBreaking the silence on Arab Maghreb Union A mapping and analysis of European Studies in North African Countries
TaschinskiAnsgarBig Data between Democracy and Authoritarianism
WengerNoureddineThe Study of Europe in the Arab World



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WeberRalphChairman (President Teaching Commission)
ToblerChristaEuropean Law (Group I)
TârleaSilvanaEuropean Global Knowledge Production (Gruppierung III)



BiehlDominiqueCoordination PhD / Graduate Program European Global Studies