Global Politics on Screen

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Project Members:
  Prof. em. Dr. Madeleine Herren, Dr. Cornelia Knab, Eric Decker, Inci Bosnak, Sascha Herlings, Felix Nothdurft, Maya Okuda-Yazaki, Julian Wettengel, Christopher Zoller-Blundell, Dr. des. Lisa-Marie Zoller-Blundell

This research project presents an introduction to the efforts of the League of Nations to investigate in the Sino-Japanese conflict about Manchuria. Our starting point is a Japanese silent propaganda film from the early 1930s about the work of the so-called Lytton Commission of the League of Nations, which visualizes events of international politics for a global public.

Students and scholars at the Institute for European Global Studies and at Heidelberg University have examined this film by using a film annotations database, originally developed and used for the project and has in the meantime been updated to its succesor Exploring the potential of the new technological tools, our project seeks to combine established models of historical interpretation with opportunities provided by digital humanities and is committed to collaborative research.