Politics and Philosophy in European Global Knowledge Production

Knowledge production is a key factor in our contemporary world. Its workings, promises and problems are intimately related to the pertaining social, economic and political conditions. The tension between philosophy, which fashions itself as being exclusively about knowledge, and politics, which understands knowledge at best as one goal among many and at worst consciously instrumentalizes it, is age-old. Today, in a time when historical legacies meet new global realities, the conditions and possibilities for knowledge production have become increasingly complex and entangled. The research area “Politics and Philosophy in European Global Knowledge Production” focuses on Europe and its role in global knowledge production, straddling across the disciplines of Philosophy, Political Science and European Global Studies. In more concrete terms, the research area focuses on five topics:

  1. Comparison and Comparative Philosophy;
  2. European Studies in a Global Perspective;
  3. European Global Studies: Concepts, Methods, and Aims;
  4. Global History of Political Thought; and
  5. Chinese Politics, Political Theory and Philosophy.

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Ralph Weber

Prof. Dr. Ralph Weber
Assistenzprofessor für European Global Studies
Europainstitut der Universität Basel, Gellertstrasse 27, Postfach
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