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Salon Discussion with Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami

book cover «After International Law» / Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami

photo: book cover «After International Law» (website publishing house) / Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami (EIB)

The Institute for European Global Studies warmly welcomes Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami, Visiting Professor at the Institute for European Global Studies, for the upcoming salon discussion. His research focuses on the law and institutions of the United Nations system, international security law and theory of international law. The event will take place on 3 April 2024 from 2-4 pm at the Institute for European Global Studies salon.

At the event, Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami will talk about his research, career and his latest publication "After International Law". In his book, he discusses the breach of international law in events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Israel's occupation of Palestine, questioning its effectiveness. He analyzes the structural inefficiencies and proposes a restructuring of international law, advocating for broader discourse and involvement not just of legal experts but broader stakeholders.

Prof. em. Toshiki Mogami (Ph.D. in Law, University of Tokyo) is Visiting Professor at the Institute for European Global Studies, specialized in International Law and Organization. He has taught for more than three decades at the International Christian University, Tokyo, where he was also Director of the Peace Research Institute and the Rotary Peace Center for many years. In the meantime, he was Visiting Researcher at Columbia University, New York, a private peace research institute in Sweden, and at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. He was also president of a few academic organizations in Japan.