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Summer Party with Farewell to Madeleine Herren and Susanna Burghartz

On Monday, May 15th, the Europainstitut hosted its annual barbecue event. On this occasion, the institute celebrated a farewell party in honor of retiring Professors Madeleine Herren and Susanna Burghartz. More than 100 Institute employees, students, and friends gathered in the garden of the Sandgrube, indulging in a delightful dinner and engaging in lively conversations with their colleagues.

While hosting the summer barbecue in mixed-weather conditions is very much in line with EIB tradition, this time around, the Institute had a series of special surprises dedicated to Madeleine Herren and Susanna Burghartz in store: Speeches were made by Georg Kreis, founding director of the Europainstitut, and Birgit Kron, member of the board of the Förder- und Alumniverein. Sacha Zala, Director of the Dodis Research Center and long-time colleague and friend of Madeleine Herren and Susanna Burghartz, delivered the ceremonial address, reminiscing about shared experiences and milestones in their careers.

In the second part of the event, Christa Tobler gave a lively talk, highlighting the valuable skills and qualities they had both brought to the Institute. Additionally, the team from the SNSF-funded project "Printed Markets" presented Susanna Burghartz with a special gift that commemorated the historical sources the project had worked with over the years. Finally, the staff of the Europainstitut presented Madeleine Herren and Susanna Burghartz with the Institute's farewell gifts. In a great atmosphere and spoiled with a wonderful dinner, the attendees enjoyed their time together until late in the evening.

The barbecue was sponsored by the Förder- und Alumniverein of the Europainstitut. The purpose of the Förder- und Alumniverein Europainstitut Basel as an association under Swiss law is to promote the Europainstitut. The promotion is ensured, among other things, by supporting events of the Europainstitut such as the annual graduation ceremony of the graduates. Furthermore, the aim of the association is to keep contact between former and current students of the Europainstitut Basel alive.