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Interview with Jessica DeCou

Jessica DeCou is specialized in the evolving relationship between religion and culture in the modern period and stays as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for European Global Studies. In this interview, she introduces her research project…

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Jessica DeCou and "A Fantastic Affair"

"'A Fantastic Affair': Karl Barth in America, 1962" is the title of a research project by Jessica DeCou. The scholar is one of several Visiting Fellows researching at the Institute for European Global Studies in this year.

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Neues Buch über die Geschichte des Kaffeehandels

„Biografien und Netzwerke im Kaffeehandel zwischen Deutschland und Zentralamerika 1920 – 1959“ ist ein neu erschienenes Buch von Dr. Christiane Berth. Darin widmet sich die Autorin der Analyse von Biografien und Handelsnetzwerken deutscher…

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Visiting Fellows Foster Global Research

The Institute for European Global Studies welcomes nine Visiting Fellows from six countries and different academic disciplines. Their research projects range from social struggles in Sub-Saharan-Africa to civilian internment camps in…

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Laurent Goetschel Chairs Discussion on the Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Laurent Goetschel will chair a discussion on the topic „Ukraine 2014 – From Revolution to Division”. The event takes place on April 8, 2014, and is organized by the Swiss Peace Foundation swisspeace. Download:

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Neue Ausgabe des Newsletters

Eine neue Ausgabe des Newsletters ist erschienen. Der Newsletter berichtet über die neuesten Entwicklungen am Europainstitut und blickt auf die Entwicklung Europas aus einer globalen Perspektive.

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Working Lunch with Visiting Fellows

On Tuesday, March 15, 2014, at 12.15 pm, the Institute for European Global Studies invited to a Working Lunch with Visiting Fellows. This time, the scientific input was provided by Rainer Buschmann, Professor of History.

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Janine Dumont Publishes Conference Report in the Legal Journal "Jusletter"

Janine Dumont, Assistant in the Law Department, has published a conference report on the 54. Assistententagung Öffentliches Recht (54th Assistant’s Conference Public Law) on the topic “L’état c’est quoi? Staatsgewalt im Wandel”. Further…

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Personenfreizügigkeit im Kontext

Prof. Dr. Christa Tobler, Professorin im Fachbereich Recht, über Bildung und Forschung im bilateralen Verhältnis mit der EU.

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Switzerland must remain part of European Science

Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, director of the Institute for European Global Studies, would like to draw your attention to the online petition for the association of Switzerland to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation…