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New Issue of the Newsletter

A new issue of the institute’s newsletter has been published. It opens with an article by Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch. In addition, it includes reports about the Moot Court Final as well as the European Studies section.
Maumita Banerjee

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The Institute Welcomes Maumita Banerjee as a Visiting Fellow

How are sartorial politics and transnational political ideologies in Japan and India linked? This will be the focus of Maumita Banerjee's upcoming visiting stay at the Institute for European Global Studies. The researcher from Waseda…
Christa Tobler

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Christa Tobler Commentator at Leuven Lecture on Norway's EEA Membership

The European Economic Area (EEA) was the topic of an evening lecture at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven on February 15 featuring Christa Tobler. In her comments, Tobler addressed academic and legal aspects of the matter. In the series…
Ralph Weber

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China and Swiss Academia: Conference Presentation by Ralph Weber

How China tries to exert influence in the Swiss university system was the topic of a talk by Ralph Weber. He presented is work on "The Chinese party-state's rhizomatic attempt at co-opting Swiss academia" at a workshop on December 10. The…
Ralph Weber

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Chinas Einfluss in der Schweiz: Ralph Weber beim Liberalen Forum

«Der chinesische Parteistaat in der Schweiz: Was tun?» war der Titel eines Vortrags von Ralph Weber beim Liberalen Forum in St. Gallen. Die Veranstaltung fand am 7. Dezember statt. Weber erforscht in seiner Arbeit unter anderem Netzwerke…