Katekisama Fellowships

Global intellectual exchange is at the heart of the Katekisama Program. To stimulate these forms of academic collaboration, the Program entails two forms of fellowships: Katekisama Visiting Fellowships are announced once a year, the call for application aims to attract researchers who share the Program’s commitment to interdisciplinary thinking and intellectual curiosity and who intend to contribute to substantial new development in globality research. The changing focus of the Fellowships reflects the different annual themes of the Katekisama Program. Katekisama Fellows spend their fellowship period at the respective partner institutions and actively participate in and contribute to the dynamic intellectual atmosphere of the Katekisama Program.

Senior Scholars can, upon invitation, spend time as Katekisama Visiting Professors at the respective institutions. Current and former Katekisama fellows at the University of Basel can be found here, the Katekisama fellows at the University of Bonn can be found here.

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