“Learning from Athens”: German Elections and the Need for Reform

On September 24, 2017, Germany elects a new parliament and government. Will the newly elected political leaders of the country be able to “learn from Athens”? A comment by Teresa Pullano, Assistant Professor for European Global Studies.

Public Lecture Series on Greece as a Conceptual Space

During the fall semester of 2017, the Institute for European Global Studies organizes a public lecture series on Greece as a conceptual space („Denkraum Griechenland – Multiperspektivische Annäherungen“). The series is organized in the context of the Master’s program “European Global Studies.” It is supported by the festival CULTURESCAPES Greece.

Conference on “Global Chinese Philosophy”

Almost 100 scholars have presented their work at the 2nd Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Philosophy (EACP), which took place in Basel on September 7-9, 2017. The theme of the conference was “Global Chinese Philosophy”. Two keynote addresses by Prof. Thomas Fröhlich (Hamburg) and Prof. Loy Hui-chieh (Singapore) were open to the public.

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag zum Thema Raumentwicklung in der Schweiz und Europa

Kann die Schweiz beim Thema Raumentwicklung von Europa lernen? Dr. Maria Lezzi, Direktorin des Bundesamts für Raumentwicklung ARE, widmete sich dieser Frage im Rahmen eines öffentlichen Abendvortrags, der am Montag, dem 4. September 2017, um 19 Uhr am Europainstitut Basel stattfand.

Neue Online-Publikation: “Tobler/Beglinger-Brevier zum Institutionellen Abkommen Schweiz-EU”

Prof. Dr. Christa Tobler und Jacques Beglinger, D.E.S.S., haben ein Brevier zum institutionellen Rahmen der Beziehungen der Schweiz und der Europäischen Union veröffentlicht. Die online-Publikation soll zu einem besseren Verständnis der komplexen Thematik beitragen und steht zum kostenfreien Download bereit.

E-Journal "Global Europe" on Brexit

"Brexit: What can the United Kingdom learn from Swiss-European Union Relations?" is the title of an article by Philippe G. Nell. The article has been published in the e-journal "Global Europe - Basel Papers on Europe in a Global Perspective".

“Tonight It Is Europe and the World Looking at Us…”

With the current success of populists and the fear of Frexit in mind, Emmanuel Macron’s victory at the French presidential elections was widely perceived as a critical turning point for Europe. But is the new French government able and willing to live up to the continent’s expectations? And what relevance does the rest of the world attribute to the election’s outcome? Ralph Weber comments on the French President’s victory speech.

Neue Ausgabe des Newsletters

Mit dem Ausgang der französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen und weiteren aktuellen Themen befasst sich die neueste Ausgabe des Newsletters. Der Newsletter informiert regelmässig über Neuigkeiten am Europainstitut und blickt auf die Entwicklung Europas aus einer globalen Perspektive.

7th European Conference on African Studies in Basel

“Urban Africa – Urban Africans: New Encounters of the Rural and the Urban” was the topic of the 7th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS). The conference was organized by the Centre for African Studies Basel and the Swiss Society for African Studies. It took place at the University of Basel from June 29 to July 1, 2017. Ralph Weber, Assistant Professor of European Global Studies, participated in a round table discussion.