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Ralph Weber Comments on Proposed UK National Security Bill

Ralph Weber, Logo von Global Corporate Venturing

Bild: Ralph Weber, © Philippe Gétaz; Logo von Global Corporate Venturing

With a recently tabled new National Security Bill, the UK government plans to criminalize working with someone one "ought to know" is under the direction of such a foreign power. With regard to China, this would be difficult to define, Ralph Weber observes. Under the Chinese Communist Party system, all entities and individuals are nominally under the party's direction, he explains. But the exact nature of the oversight varies and therefore it will be challenging to establish a legal definition. Weber spoke to the market intelligence and publishing company "Global Corporate Venturing" which published a piece on the topic on June 1, 2022.

Ralph Weber is Associate Professor of European Global Studies at the Institute for European Global Studies. He specializes in Political Theory, Chinese Politics, and modern Confucianism. Currently, he is the President of the European Association for Chinese Philosophy and the Chair of the Section on Political Theory in the Swiss Political Science Association.

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