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Applying International Humanitarian Law: Students from the Institute Reach Semi-Finals of the Jean-Pictet Competition

From 25 February to 4 March 2023, three of our students, Ozan Yildirim, Elena Muff, and Fiorella Linder, participated in the 40th edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition in Albania. This unique experience allowed them to apply International Humanitarian Law in practical simulations and compete with students from all over the world – to great success: They are the first team from the University of Basel to make it to the semi-finals. We extend our warmest congratulations!

The Concours Jean-Pictet is named after Jean Simon Pictet, a Swiss lawyer and vice-president of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The competition has taken place in a different location each year since 1989 and is known as one of the oldest in the field of International Humanitarian Law. Participating teams each consist of three members and come from all over the world. The week-long competition is designed to ‘take the law out of the books’ and does not include written tasks. Participants take on different roles, such as advisors to the military, for example, and must compete in role-playing for a real-life imaginary conflict. The fictional scenario changes over time. During the competition, the different teams work both against and with each other to accomplish the tasks. An unforgettable experience for our three students.

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