18 Mai 2022
12:15  - 13:45

Kolloquium / Seminar

Working Lunch with Guillaume Daudin (Université Paris Dauphine - PSL)

"18th Century Slave Trade Profits"

Guillaume Daudin has been Professor of Economics at the University of Paris-Dauphine (LEDa-DIAL) since 2012 and an associated researcher at the Institute for European Global Studies since September 2021. He is a specialist in early modern economic history and commercial globalization. His most recent work focuses on the eighteenth century Balance of Trade Bureau, the effect of internal migration on nineteenth-century fertility trends in France, current value-added trade and the structure of trade costs. Together with Loïc Charles, he has co-directed the ANR project TOFLIT18 on what foreign trade teaches us about France in the eighteenth century (Project Website). He was President of the Association Française d'Histoire Économique from 2016 to 2019.

Working Lunches are research discussions with international fellows, students and doctoral students, postdocs and members of the Institute. If you would like to attend the event as a non-member of the Europainstitut, please send an email to europa@clutterunibas.ch.

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