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New Publication by Corey Ross on Commodity History and Environmental Change

Book Cover / Corey Ross

Photo: Book Cover (Website) / Corey Ross (EIB)

Corey Ross has published a chapter entitled “Commodities, Trade, and Ecological Transformation in the Modern World” in the Oxford Handbook of Commodity History, which appeared in early 2024 with Oxford University Press.

The article examines the intersection of commodity history and environmental change. Looking at the 18th and 19th centuries in particular, it considers how the boom of commodity production and trade rearranged ecological relations around the world, and how historians have sought to make sense of these transformations.

The chapter has appeared in the "Oxford Handbook of Commodity History". The handbook showcases a broad variety of contributions from leading international scholars in the field of commodity history. Their work attests to the fact that commodities provide a lens through which local and global histories can be understood and written.

Corey Ross is Director of the Institute and Professor for European Global Studies. His expertise focuses on the history of imperialism and global environmental history in the 19th and 20th centuries. His research on the socio-environmental history of Europe’s relations with the rest of the world builds on interdisciplinarity, investigates the global, transimperial and transnational circulation of ideas, goods and people, and aims to highlight perspectives that are relevant to major present-day and future challenges.