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Worshop in Johannesburg

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Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber Participate in Workshop at the University of Johannesburg

“Epistemic Injustice and Epistemic Decolonization” was the topic of a workshop organized by the African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science of the University of Johannesburg. The event took place on 9 March 2023 in the context…
At the workshop on concept travel

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The Philosophy and Global Politics of Concept Travel: Successful Workshop in Basel

On June 17, the workshop on "The Philosophy and Global Politics of Concept Travel" brought together philosophers and social scientists from India, South Africa and Switzerland to reflect on the link between concept travel, conceptual…
Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber

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The Project "Reversing the Gaze" at the VAD-Conference

The project "Reversing the Gaze" is represented at this year's Conference of the Association for African Studies in Germany (Vereinigung für Afrikawissenschaften in Deutschland - VAD e.V.). Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber convene a panel on…

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Lerato Posholi Presents Paper at the 8th European Conference on African Studies

“Africa: Connections and Disruptions” was the topic of the 8th European Conference of African Studies. Lerato Posholi was among the speakers of Europe’s largest international conference focusing on Africa, which took place from June 11-14,…
Lerato Posholi

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Das Europainstitut begrüsst Lerato Posholi als neue Gastwissenschaftlerin

Lerato Posholi ist von April 2019 bis März 2020 als International Fellow am Europainstitut und dem Zentrum für Afrikastudien zu Gast. In Basel wird die Doktorandin von der Witwatersrand-Universität in Johannesburg (Südafrika) ihre Forschung…