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Empires and Security: Conference in Marburg

The securitization of empires was the topic of a conference in Marburg from March 16 to 18. It was organized by researchers from the University of Marburg and the Herder Institute Marburg in cooperation with the research network "Re-Configurations" and the Institute for European Global Studies.

The conference titled "Security and Empire: Mechanics of Securitization in Imperial Spaces" was organized in five panels. Prof. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk (University of Basel) contributed to the topic "Floating Spaces" with a presentation on imperial railroads and security in late tsarist Russia. Prof. Roland Wenzlhuemer, formerly Guest Professor at the Institute for European Studies, also participated in this panel. The panel "Port Cities" featured a presentation by Daniela Hettstedt, who is currently SNF-Fellow at the Institute for European Global Studies. She talked about international organizations as inter-imperial actors, using the example of Tangier between 1852 and 1914. "Frontiers and Borderlands" were in the focus of the final panel. Prof. Maurus Reinkowski (University of Basel) discussed the Ottoman imperial presence in Egypt under the British occupation. The remaining panel topics were "Penal Colonies and Prisons" and "Subversive Meeting Points". The academic programme of the conference concluded with a panel discussion in which Prof. Madeleine Herren-Oesch took part.

The conference "Security and Empire: Mechanics of Securitization in Imperial Spaces" took place from March 16 to 18 at the Herder Institute in Marburg. It was organized by Prof. Benedikt Stuchtey (University of Marburg), Dr. Andrea Wiegeshoff (University of Marburg) and Prof. Peter Haslinger (Herder Institute, Marburg). The Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel was one of the cooperation partners, along with the research network "Re-Configurations". The event was supported by the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture.

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