Prof. Susanna Burghartz


Prof. Madeleine Herren


Prof. Teresa Pullano


Lindman, AlejandraThe Ethics of Art. A Way of Understanding the Arts of Movement in the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.


Prof. Christa Tobler

Kapferer, Nils Discrimination intersectionnelles en droit suisse et européen: la situation des personnes LGBTIQ.
Meyer, Sebastian Law and governance in EU migration management
Schwestermann, Mark-AnthonyAltersdiskriminierung im Arbeits- und im Sozialversicherungsrecht


Prof. Ralph Weber

Abu Ghreiqanah, NouraThe Changing Landscape of European Studies in the MENAT Region: The Current State and Future Prospects.
Banning, TimConnectivity as a Form of Power: How Do Emerging Patterns of Supply Chain Connectivity Impact Power Dynamics and Governance in Eurasia?
Chan, Yim FongExiled at Home! Writing Confucian Philosophy under Conditions of Censorship in the PRC (1949–1976)
Pascal Rami
The Murder of the Political.
Matthiesen, MilanThe Politics of Anti-Confucianism and Philosophical Argument: The Debates between Confucians and Liberals in 1950s Taiwan
Sargsyan, SusannaThe Cyprus Problem: European Identity
Taschinski, AnsgarBig Data between Democracy and Authoritarianism
Xu, Zhenxu Authenticity in Comparison: The Case of Chinese Philosophy


Prof. Rolf Weder

Filimonovic, DraganIncome Decline and Consumption: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Serbia
Gerber, Thomas International Trade and European Integration and History of Institutions
Ignatov, AugustinFour Essays on States' Economic Security
Niggli, MatthiasGreen Economy, Innovation and Labor Market