07 Mai 2021
10:00  - 13:00


Workshop with Rukmini Bhaya Nair and Peter deSouza

«Keywords for India, and beyond? – Enriching the Global Social Science Vocabulary»

The workshop will be facilitated by Rukmini Bhaya Nair (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) and Peter deSouza (Goa University). Participants are asked to prepare by reading selected chapters from the two scholars' publication Keywords for India. The event is organized by Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber in context of the SNFS-Sinergia project Reversing the Gaze.

The question at the core of this workshop is whether and how these keywords can be used for the study of research contexts beyond India, including European research contexts. This includes several theoretical issues about the nature of concepts and the politics of knowledge.

Please note: To participate, please register by emailing Lerato Posholi (lerato.posholi@clutterunibas.ch) until May 4, 2021. You will be provided with the zoom link as well as the readings for the workshop.

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